The Taste lovers

Dear taste lovers,

You envoy to find yourself the good products, to meet the producers, to know all about what you're eating, ... The Fermigoo's selection is made for you !

For each farm product, we've gone to meet farmer to know all about it. A web sheet has been written for each farmer as for each product. This web sheet will dive you in their history, pictures, witticism, recipes...

Because our life gave us chance to discover many flavors from a lot of horizons, our range will propose, via a single access, a selection made from all French local products



We also don't forget the taste lovers from all over the world...

We've stayed for many times in foreign countries, we really know how good is to find a French food product in his plate. Whether to enjoy a good meal or to share delicious French farm food products to your friends, it is not be easy to find your typical product so waited where you are...

Fermigoo offers you the solution: a delivery everywhere in the world of your selection of French food products!